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state of the art ai powered X-ray scanning system

The Sound Teeth Guarantee provides issuing dentists with the use of a cutting-edge AI x-ray scanning system that produces highly accurate, detailed clinical reports from bitewing and OPG radiographs in a matter of seconds.

The system is: 

1. Substantially faster and up to 30% more accurate than the human eye at detecting carious lesions.

2. Encourages improved patient communication and comprehension.

​3Establishes evidentiary records that can be used as second opinions to support dentists' clinical decision-making. 


4: Provides consistent accuracy regardless of patient workload.

The system also helps improve productivity, increases acceptance of treatment plans and protects against wrongful professional negligence claims.



More information for practices and the advantages of promoting Sound Teeth Guarantee for your business.


Information for NHS patients, the benefits of Sound Teeth Guarantee, complete protection and absolute peace of mind.


Information for private patients, the benefits of Sound Teeth Guarantee, complete protection and absolute peace of mind.


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