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A sound teeth guarantee is a guarantee issued by an accredited dentist to their patients that protects their sound natural teeth against any naturally occurring dental problems during a 12-month guarantee period.

If any guarantee holding patients teeth become structurally unsound during the guarantee period, they can return to their issuing dentist and have them repaired, restored or replaced with dental implants, free of charge, under their guarantee. The issuing dentist will be paid in full for the work done, according to their standard fee schedule.

​A sound teeth guarantee provides up to £3000 worth of restorative dental work p/a for £199 p/a (£16.58 p/m). Guarantee issuing dentists and dental practices are paid for each sound teeth guarantee they issue. 


Sound teeth guarantees are professional guarantees -- NOT insurance. They are based upon a physical assessment, an expressed professional opinion of an accredited guarantee issuing dentist and supported by evidential x-rays and clinical records.  

Sound teeth guarantees work seamlessly with in-practice and third-party dental plans and the NHS. They are of significant benefit to the issuing dentists, dental practices, the patients and the communities served.



More information for practices and the advantages of promoting Sound Teeth Guarantee for your business.


Information for NHS patients, the benefits of Sound Teeth Guarantee, complete protection and absolute peace of mind.


Information for private patients, the benefits of Sound Teeth Guarantee, complete protection and absolute peace of mind.


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